Raw, but oddly refined.”

The Daytona Machines

The Daytona Machines are an American alternative rock band formed in 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. The band is comprised of Eric Scott (guitar, vocals), Iris Lish (bass, vocals), and Jalen Reed (drums). The band's debut EP, Americaland, is an interesting mix of late 80s art punk and what they refer to as garage pop. With songs that are more like short bursts of three-chord rock anthems, they deliver an energetic set that will leave you covered in sweat and begging for just one more song.  

Aided by Eric's background in audio engineering, The Daytona Machines record and produce all of their own material on a faithful, albeit outdated, KORG D3200 mixing board in their makeshift laundry room studio.   

The trio has been described as a "surfy Nirvana", and they owe their sound to a variety of genres, including 60's surf and garage rock, as well as the New York punk movement of the 70's. They begin their list of influences with bands such as The Breeders, Pixies, The B-52s, and fellow Nashville artists Bully.

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